Finding Off Campus Student Housing in Seattle

Here are some tips for finding off campus housing in the Seattle area. It’s based on interviews we did with former and current students UW following our housing survey earlier this summer.

When should I start looking?

Early, especially if you’re looking off campus, the housing market in Seattle is hot, landlords start “pre-leasing” in January or even earlier for housing for the following school year if you’re looking off-campus.

Where can I find listings?

What can I expect to pay?

It depends a lot on what kind of place you want. But, based on our survey, you should be able to find a room near UW for $500 – $800 a month. If you want a whole place, expect to pay much more.

I found a place I like online, now what?

Landlords usually want you to pay an application fee or a deposit. But there are a lot of scammers on Craigslist, and other online platforms, see here and here. The general advice is, don’t give the property manager any money until you’ve seen the place in person.

I can’t visit in person

Are you an international student, or transferring from out of state? If so, verify your listing with Roomlet before you hand over any money to the property manager. We’re here to protect you from scammers. Our service verifies that the listing is real and that the poster has access to the property.